Traveler's Insurance
Sarah Sacks
Apr-2nd, 2019 11:04

When you travel out of Israel, it is imperative that you be covered under a medical insurance plan. Standard kupat cholim coverage generally does not cover you out of Israel. If you are traveling to a country where you once held insurance, confirm before your trip whether the plan is still active. Standard plans often do not cover pregnancy -related issues, but there are traveler’s insurance plans available that do.

Note that traveler’s insurance must be purchased (a) before your trip and (b) in the country you start out from. For example, those who are traveling to Israel from the US should purchase a plan from a US provider.

If you are a resident of Israel, it is possible to purchase traveler’s insurance before your trip either through a private agent or through your kupat cholim.

Private Agencies

The insurance offered by private agencies is comparable to that offered by the kupot cholim, though every provider has somewhat different rates. One advantage of using a private agency is that the agency takes care of filing all claims for you. The agency will also deal with the insurance provider if there is a problem and see to it that you receive compensation. If you have difficulty speaking Hebrew, using an English-speaking agency can be helpful.

Private insurance agencies include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • ASA Worldwide Insurance 02-532-5110 · 718-874-2751
  • Egert & Cohen Insurance 02-623-2546 · 050-548-2192
  • Epstein Insurance 02-580-8214 · 718-874-8213
  • Weinstein Insurance 02-651-9343 · 050-445-5770

Note that inclusion of an agent in this guide does not constitute a recommendation or an affiliation with Chaim V’Chessed. You can find more private English-speaking agents in the business section of Newcomers Guide.

Kupot Cholim

Kupot cholim generally offer traveler’s insurance only to members of Bituach Leumi. If you have a supplementary insurance plan, a percentage of your traveler’s insurance price may be covered.


Meuhedet offers traveler’s insurance through the Harel insurance company. You can sign up with this insurance online or by calling *3833.

There are a few different options available under this insurance. “Darkon Kesef” and “Darkon Kachol” are for healthy individuals, and “Darkon Zahav” is for individuals who are pregnant (up until week 32) or with preexisting conditions. There is another plan that covers emergency hospitalization and the possibility that one would need to be transferred back to Israel with medical accompaniment. Additionally, there is a plan that covers extreme sports, winter sports and backpacking long distances. The price is determined based on age, which plan you currently have (basic, adif, C), and the amount of people you would like to cover.


Clalit offers traveler’s insurance through the Clal insurance company. There is a 10‒25% discount for Clalit Mushlam members. There are many services available on the basic plan, and for additional fees there are more services and further coverage. You can sign up for Clal online or by calling *2700.


Leumit offers traveler’s insurance through the company Clal. You can learn more and sign up online, or call *9094 or 03-942-0425.


Maccabi offers a traveler’s insurance called “Maccabi Elite” through the company Clal. You can learn more and sign up with this insurance online. You can only apply online if you have an automatic payment plan. You can also sign up by calling *2627 or 1-700-702-202.

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