Permission to Work on an A-Category Visa
Sarah Sacks
Jan-9th, 2017 13:36
To be legally employed in Israel, you must have permission to work. Temporary residents with an A1 visa are legally permitted to work. Those who hold student visas (A2) or spouse-of-student visas (A4) must apply separately for their visa to specify "Permitted to Work."

Permission to work should not be confused with a "working visa," or a B-category visa, which does not give holders access to health insurance through Bituach Leumi.

Application Method

You may apply for permission to work at a standard visa application or renewal by requesting that your visa say rashai la'avod, or "permitted to work," and presenting the documents below in addition to the regular requirements. You can also apply for permission to work separately. If you do, your first visa will be voided and your new "permitted to work" visa will take its place.

An appointment for visa-related matters may be necessary in certain branches of Misrad Hapnim. Additionally, certain branches may require you to come separately for this purpose if you are part of a family of four or more that is renewing their visas all together. Please confirm your local visa department hours and requirements before your trip.

You will need:

  1. Proof of Jewishness: an original letter from a recognized rabbi of a congregation or institution in your place of origin, written on official stationery that lists his name as the head of the institution, stating that the applicant is "Jewish by birth." If the applicant is a yeshiva student, this can be included on the student letter (see 3 below) and the Rosh Yeshiva should sign. The letter must include the applicant's name, date of birth, passport number, parents' names and parents' birthdays.

If the applicant is a ger, present an official geirus certificate.

2. Original birth certificate of the work permit applicant
3. For the student himself: a letter from his school that states that he is allowed to work between learning hours
4. Letter from a prospective employer stating that they would like to employ you, and for how long. The letter should be written on official stationery and should include the company name and ID number, your name and passport number, and the original signature of the employer. If there is no prospective employer, you may apply without this letter.

Permission to work is generally granted on the spot.

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