Legalizing a Halachic Marriage in Israel
Sarah Sacks
Jan-18th, 2018 13:26
If your halachic marriage is not legally registered, it cannot be recognized by any government authority. This can be an obstacle in the case of a student who wishes to add his wife to his A/2 visa with A/4 status. It is important to obtain legal documentation of marriage as soon as possible.

To legalize a halachic marriage in Israel, you must apply in a beit din rabbani, a beis din that is under the jurisdiction of the Israeli Rabbinate. The beis din has the power to legalize your marriage by approving it as halachically valid.

To open a file, no appointment is necessary. Both spouses should come to the office and submit the following documents:

  1. Kesubah (Jewish marriage contract), plus a copy
  2. Passport of each spouse, plus a copy
  3. Passport picture of each spouse
  4. Original letter from mesader kedushin, in Hebrew, with all details pertaining to the marriage ceremony:
    1. Date and location
    2. Names, passport numbers and birthdays of bride and groom
    3. Names and birthdays of the parents of the bride and groom
    4. The fact that the marriage was conducted by him according to Jewish law
    5. The fact that both spouses are Jewish and were single and over age 18 at the time of marriage
    6. If the couple was married in Israel: a commitment not to perform another marriage ceremony for any couple who did not first register legally
    7. Mesader kedushin’s name, title, credentials, phone number, and original signature
    8. Payment of 278 NIS – pay with Israeli credit card or obtain a payment voucher from the Beit Din secretary, submit cash payment for it at a post office, then present the signed receipt at the Beit Din. Cash or checks not accepted.
Applications are processed and completed within 2-4 weeks of submission. You will be notified when to return for a “Diun,” your appointment to pick up your license. The Beit Din will likely stipulate that you bring along two unrelated witnesses who know both spouses.

Please note that every case is different and you may be asked to submit more documentation that what is listed here.

Beis Din Rabbani – Givat Shaul

Rechov Am V’Olamo 4, off Kanfei Nesharim

Sunday – Thursday: 8:30 am-1:30 pm

Fax: 02-623-2396

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